Why all Americans especially all Muslim Americans must vote for Donald Trump

In a plain and fair field of the elections the choice would have been clear and easy but the massive misinformation has caused significant influence to the ability of many peace loving citizens. I feel heartache, my soul grieves with sorrow and intense anguish when I look at fellow Americans (Muslims and non-Muslims) as they are becoming innocent victims of manipulative misinformation and thus resisting the change that Donald Trump wants to bring in.

Why every patriotic American would not consider Donald Trump, who is at least offering a new and every hopeful plan to get rid of the terrorism completely. On the other hand Trump's opponent has failed America and most of the world more than a few times. We know she is going to continue with the failed and superficial antiterrorism policies which are going to make the situation even worst.

Why don’t we ponder upon?

I ask why? Why don’t we ponder upon? Why would someone will continue to try something again and again that has not worked in the past, especially when there is something new available, that you have never tried.

I wonder why? Maybe just because of powerful media and devious speeches. joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

Now consider the following points that are directly related to the main issues on hand during this election campaign, we’ll try to find Donald Trump’s position for each of the concerns right from his own official website.

Have our past and current domestic and foreign policies, whether under Democratic or Republican administrations, made America and rest of the world any better?

The person who had many years to make things better, and were given many chances to do so, would you give them yet another chance?

Islamic law abortion is permitted only under very extreme and rare conditions. Donald Trump believes the same as Muslims do. Any Muslim who is supporting someone is for abortion must do some deep soul searching.

Donald Trump has no blood on his hands. Although Donald Trump’s opponent has tried to say he supported the war, the truth is that Donald Trump is a private citizen. He has no power, no vote and no say whereUS deploy troops.  Donald Trump’s opponent actually voted for the Iraq war twice. The first vote was defeated but Democrats asked for another vote to show they are tough on national defense. Donald Trump’s opponent voted YES both times.  

Donald Trump was not 
in office and could not vote. He made public statement that he thought the Iraq war was a mistake. “Perhaps he shouldn’t be doing it yet. And perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations.”

After the invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent fallout, Donald Trump became a much stronger and far more vocal critic of the war.

“Look at the war in Iraq and the mess that we’re in,” he said in an August 2004 issue of Esquire. “I would never have handled it that way…Two minutes after we leave, there’s going to be a revolution, and the meanest, toughest, smartest, most vicious guy will take over. And he’ll have weapons of mass destruction, which Saddam [Hussein] didn’t have.”

Hand on the Nuclear Button.  The president needs approval from Congress to declare war. No president can single-handedly launch nuclear weapons.

No violence or assault by Donald Trump. Again he has no blood on his hands.

A gun owner but never shot anyone.  Whereas you don’t have to look too far to find a High Diplomat who is “HIGH” on Wars.

Foreign aid: There 
is direct proportion between the American aid to a Muslim country and the restlessness in the country. Go figure this one out;  just don’t hold your breath. Donald Trump is right again, he wants to restructure US policy for Foreign Aid.

Ban on Muslims

Donald Trump official position regardless of what you hear on the news: https://www.donaldjDonald Trump.com/policies/immigration

Prolonged Systematic Destruction of Muslim Countries: Aggressive, inciting and insulting foreign polices
to influence Muslim counties and culture have caused significant overall damage within several Muslim countries. Donald Trump strategy is through common ground.

Political, Economic and Religious Stability in the Muslim countries: Current US strategies are significantly responsible for it. Donald Trump is the only candidate ever plans to change it.

Advancing US foreign policies through diplomacy not by perpetual wars whose main victims are Muslims, Muslim countries and Islam itself.

Donald Trump said Islam hates us:

He is talking about the current corrupted face of Islam. His exact quote: "I think Islam hates us, there's something there, there's a tremendous hatred there. There's a tremendous hatred. We have to get to the bottom of it. There is an unbelievable hatred of us."
Affirming that he is generally referring to "radical" Muslims, Donald Trump called the distinction "very hard to define." "It’s very hard to separate, because you don’t know who’s who," he said, referring to separate attacks in Paris and San Bernardino in late 2015. Most Americans agree the distinction is hard to determine. Americans by nature want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but national security is the overarching concern.

One of many verified examples of corruption:

Bill’s advisory-board sinecures alone were worth millions of dollars, and his $3.5 million position
as “honorary chancellor” of Laureate International Universities, a chain of for-profit colleges, does not seem to have entailed much of anything that might be described as work. Band also was, by his own telling, instrumental in securing millions of dollars in speaking fees for the ex-president while he was wheeling and dealing on behalf of the Foundation.Read More

 Americans believe that if you migrate to America you are welcome as productive members of society. Americans are confused when immigrants risk their lives to escape oppressive countries only to come to the greatest country in the world, the land of opportunity for all, the land of the free and immediately try to change our country to be the same as the one they just escaped.

The litmus test
The best way of obtaining the accurate information about a campaign is 
obviously though the campaign’s official website. Because by using media or other people’s manipulative analysis one can become an innocent victim of the ongoing unethical misinformation efforts, physiological warfare, fear mongering, dogging answers and nevertheless character assassinating tactics. For most of the part such deceiving and scandalous things are noticeable by most yet it causes a significant damage to everybody’s ability to pick the right candidate.

 Since the media and many other things around us have caused significant confusion in our mind it is not going to be an easy task to see through the blinding fog.  Let your mind and soul freely ponder upon a few points as listed hereunder, then make an educated decision to cast your vote. But,
first you must let go any bias, prejudices or any words that might have hurt you only because of
the their face value and lack of understanding. Try not to take anything personal and keep a greater picture in mind, and consider both long term and short-term advantages and disadvantages.

Donald Trump’s has always been against the wars and is committed to advance US foreign policy through peace. Correct me if I am wrong, Islam means peace. Right? Islam is against wars and violence. Isn’t it pure Islamic teaching to promote peace at every step of the way. Isn’t Donald Trump’s strategies are more humane than his opponent’s.

Donald Trump is even looking forward to have friendly relationship with Russia. Whereas as we speak Donald Trump’s opponents are building military might near Russian borders.  What world needs right now, especially the entire Muslim world is PEACE not continuation of wars or new wars. The much needed world peace, in turn will ensure internal peace and better economy that will last long.

Terrorism is the BIGGEST PROBLEM OF OUR TIME that has become an increasing threat for our national security to our economy and everything in between. The candidate of the administration wants to and will continue with the current policies that has strengthen the roots of the terrorism and has helped the spread of it in more parts of the world than ever before. Thereby providing falsely fabricated wrong reasoning for the continuation of senseless perpetual wars and conflicts around the world, specially in the Muslim world.

However Donald Trump who is new comer, a private citizen who has nothing to do with past and current policies. He wants to get to the bottom of it, he wants to root out the terrorism and he is committing to reverse the spread of terrorism domestically and internationally.

Only the above should be enough for any American especially any Muslim American to get convinced to campaign and vote for Donald Trump joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

"You've got fabulous Muslims. I know many Muslims. joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

They're fabulous people. They're smart. They're industrious. They're great." 

Donald J. Trump 

Thanks toThe O'Reilly FACTOR

Trump’s Position:

Donald Trump is Pro Life, just as the Noble and Real Islam teaches.

Donald Trump’s opponent is not Pro Life.
Fruit for Your Thoughts:

Are you Pro Life my Muslim brothers and sisters?  As it is an Islamic obligation onto you. Think about it, how could you support someone who has no problem in taking a life?  Ponder upon it for a second, if "abortion" is forbidden (Haram) in Islam then giving your approval, vote and support to an abortion promoter and "baby killer"  is also Haram and it will be considered a major sin. Do I real need to say more ? ? ?

Trump’s Position:

Donald Trump wants to expose and eradicate terrorism, so as Islam. Isn’t it your utmost desire my Muslim brothers and sisters?

Donald Trump’s opponents have a proven history for the cover-ups, continuation and expansion of the terrorism.
Fruit for Your Thoughts:

Trump’s opposition in this regard is being created only by the ringmasters of the terrorism and it makes a perfect sense. All the righteous Muslims should happily support Trump for this policy that will clean up every Muslim’s image, it will stop the ongoing terrorism in the name of Islam and it will expose the real criminals behind these vicious acts of terrorism. So, are you with the terrorists and their protectors or with the Real Islam? 

Trump’s Position:

Donald Trump is anti-corruption, just as Islam teaches. Aren’t you anti-corruption my Muslim brothers and sisters?

Needless to say anything about this one, too much is out there as is.
Fruit for Your Thoughts: Trump’s opponent does not have a satisfactory answer for very serious corruption charges. So are you going to vote for such a person and allow corruption to continue? Isn’t it against the Islamic teachings to support openly corrupt people and polices?

Trump’s Position:

Donald Trump is for “America First”, Islam denounces the traitors and treason. Make America Great Again is very realistic assessment of our current state of union and an out laud expression Trump’s patriotism.  Aren’t you patriotic Americans my Muslim brothers & sisters?

Donald Trump’s many opponents from both sides of the aisle have stronger and unconditional commitments with some foreign powers and special interest. Instead of putting “America First” criminally and selfishly they betray American interest to advance narcissistic and foreign agenda at the expense of our own national economy and security. Falsely they are telling you America is great as is.
Fruit for Your Thoughts:

It might sound very strong but think about it for a second, isn’t it treason. How could you vote for a proven traitor? Look at their actions and the outcome rather than their words.

Perpetual Wars, mostly against Muslim countries
Trump’s Position:

Donald Trump wants to forge a foreign policy based on peace and common grounds, just as Islam teaches. Islam means Peace. Donald Trump is also against all these senseless and expensive wars and invading other countries. You know it well, Islam also denounces such intrusions. 

Donald Trump’s opponents from both sides of the aisle have voted for wars and specially she has been very instrumental in supporting interference,  invasions and regime change in several parts of the world most of which is in the Islamic world.
Fruit for Your Thoughts:

Are you for peace in our country and in the entire world, especially in the Muslim world? Are you going to vote for continued violence? Are you for intrusion in Islamic countries mybrothers and sisters?

Ask yourself the following questions, and then allow your free soul to find the answers.
Are you satisfied with the current state of governance?
Don’t you wish to end corruption and all the bias?
Don’t you condemn the ever increasing bloodshed in 
Aren’t you tired by the use of 
fear factor to get the votes?
Don’t you long to root out the radical terrorism being carried out falsely in the name of Islam?

If so, then you must support Donald Trump, because this is exactly what Donald Trump is suggesting to do.
As a righteous Muslim don’t you want the 
criminals be stopped from entering into our country in your name?
Then you must support Donald 
Trump, because this is exactly what Donald Trump is suggesting to do.
As an upright and honorable citizen don’t you wish that your tax dollar 
don’t take part in any aggression?
Then you must support Donald 
 because this is exactly what Donald Trump is suggesting to do.

MuslimsForTrump2016.com joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

Donald Trump has a free soul once he will have the access to the facts he will do the right thing. Indeed this is the main reason of the massive and systematic opposition he is facing.

Donald Trump is NOT targeting the Real Islam or Righteous Muslims

Please allow me to start with the fact that Donald Trump is NOT targeting the Real Islam or Righteous Muslims. I did an extensive and fair research but was UNABLE TO FIND anything that will reasonably substantiate that Donald Trump is insulting or marginalizing the Real Glorious Islam or righteous Muslims. Actually Trump's interview at CNN with Anderson Copper will also prove that.

Donald Trump’s is rightfully denouncing ONLY the so called “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and such criminals. Trump is promising to get to the bottom of it. In other words Donald Trump is condemning such heinous actions and actors of terrorism. Trump is committing to fully expose the real culprits behind this intentional malevolent infiltration into the ranks for the real Islam.

You know better than anybody else that such crimes, criminal and their ringmasters have no place in Holy Islam. Indeed YOU WANT THEM EXPOSED more than anybody else. Brothers and sisters this is exactly what Donald Trump is pledging, to weed out the terrorism from the Noble Islam by getting to the bottom of this worldwide chaos, perpetual wars and conflicts.  Sadly such huge crimes are being carried out by professional criminals around the world for a long time in the name of Islam and getting worst day by day. Whereas the real masterminds, facilitators, financiers and most importantly the beneficiaries remain at large and continues to operate from the shadows and protection of their partners in the crime.

 Never before history witnessed a call from such a high level to investigate the roots of the terrorism being carried out in the name of Islam. In spite of all the other rhetoric and some benign shortcomings that Donald Trump actually represent (By the way, do you know anybody who is perfect? I don’t.) Still for the purpose of exercising our right and duty to vote and to pick the better one out of the two. I think any righteous human being at this time should support Donald Trump. So that he can make some of his reasonable suggestions a reality. One of which is to conduct an impartial investigation under a Presidential Order to get to the bottom of the so called “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and bring all these criminals to justice.

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Most of the opposition Donald Trump facing is actually a quick emotional reaction. If we let the reason lead us and look at the realities on ground it will be much easier to agree with his proposals. For example if he is proposing to get to the bottom of the terrorism that is being carried out in the name of Islam. It's actually in the favor of all righteous Muslims. The ringmasters knows that they are complicit in this systematic crime of international terrorism, opposition from them makes perfect sense. news dealers and newsstands joe biden muslims for trump

Don’t be surprised if  Trump puts some very familiar faces in the jail for these horrible crimes of domestic & international terrorism against entire human race. 

Donald Trump has a free soul, have faith once he will have the access to the facts he will do the right thing joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

Of course choice is only yours:




Accept the reality and use best of your wisdom, Insha’Allah (God Willing) you will get better of the two


The fact is Donald Trump ingeniously and seamlessly has succeeded in pioneering the process to break the “two party system” in our country. joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

Let’s rejuvenate the pledge
Put your hand on your heart and rise up tall, look at our pride of the stars and stripes with honor. Now make a firm pledge that YOU WILL MUST CAST YOUR VOTE and will strive to make sure that YOUR VOTE GETS COUNTED AS YOU CASTED.

Tough Reality of Our Time
Sadly, under the current highly manipulative overall environment, even the most patriotic and honorable Americans unknowingly can end up strengthening the culprits even further. The current misinformation war has made it very difficult to understand what the candidate is saying himself and for what he has actually taken the stand.

How and Where You Can get Truthful Answers
Within you, yes indeed within. When you can’t get the pure facts from the media, make efforts and try to get the info from all the possible resources and then just trust YOUR OWN unbiased logic and reasoning to draw a conclusion.

Of course choice is yours:




Because for sure he has no blood on his hands, innocent or not, no blood whatsoever.
He has broken no laws and he has done nothing to jeopardize our national security.
He is not for aggression to advance the policies, nationally or internationally.

Why try again the same person and same policies that have failed America in the past many times?
Why make more enemies when Donald Trump can Make America Great Again through peaceful strength, better economy and healthcare ?
Why anybody would even consider voting the opposite alternate?
How? how could you do that to yourself and to the other innocent human being?



Here is a question for all Americans especially for all Muslim Americans; How in the world you are even considering to vote for somebody for whom human life has no meaning? From abortions to wars are everyday business; For whom death, destruction and displacement is just collateral damage. muslims for trump joe biden news dealers and newsstands

How come a top diplomat who used less diplomacy than arms, after becoming the Commander in Chief would keep peace within the country and in the world? joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

The fact is,

Donald Trump is NOT targeting the Real Islam or Righteous Muslims

A PRESENTATION EXPLAINING THE CASE FOR A TRUMP VOTE​ muslims for trump joe biden news dealers and newsstands

This is not an Election but a Trial.  You‘re not a Voter but a Juror. The case is about whom should You allow to lead you. A Repeat Offender vs a Clean Private Citizen. For the sake of entire Humanity, please do Your Jury Duty without any prejudice. Do it honorably and LET THE JUSTICE PREVAIL.

Donald Trump’s first historic and distinguished political success so far is the fact that he has ingeniously and seamlessly succeeded in pioneering the process to break the “two party system” in our country. muslims for trump joe biden news dealers and newsstands

Donald Trump’s Next Milestone
Donald Trump can easily become a leader of American Reform Revolution 2016. By gutting out the corruption in the government and private sectors, surely it will help America to reclaim its declining credibility domestically and internationally.This in turn can put America back on the track of world leadership through strength,
peace and trade.

Muslims For Trump​ 

Donald Trump is promising to get rid of the so called “Radical Islamic Terrorism” so as entire righteous Muslim communities all around the world. When you think of it Donald Trump is actually pushing Muslim agenda right at front. Donald Trump wants to get to the bottom of this, whereas many don’t want Donald Trump or anybody else to get to the bottom of it, why? Why some are afraid of anybody who wants to get to the bottom of it, why? Think about it!

Donald Trump an “outsider” a private citizen who never participated in voting on any policy matters and thus does not have any blood on his hands, that’s why the “ringmasters” who are afraid of getting exposed don’t want Donald Trump to win. Maybe that is why all kind of diversions are being created to confuse the voters. The irony is some of the citizenry is becoming innocent victim of these esteemed pathological scammers and traitors.

Think about it for a second

With respect to exposing the criminals behind terrorism and fear mongering whomever is causing hurdles in Donald Trump election, aren’t somehow they might be complicit in the intentional fabrication of fear and terrorism ?

Folks only just a little hope of this exposure should be enough of a reason to put Donald Trump in the office. Isn’t it not going to be immensely exciting? 

Following are Donald Trump's clear positions for some of the core issues. joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

My dear Muslim American brothers and sisters, take a moment and think about Trump's solid stand which is 100% inline with the Islamic teachings. How can you justify not to support Mr. Trump? joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump

​Donald Trump on Terrorism joe biden news dealers and newsstands

Many are opposing Donald Trump for various different reasons, maybe most of them are opposing him only because lack of full and clear understanding of the highly complex nature of the issues. But surely there are some who are opposing Donald Trump because he has made a commitment to get to the bottom of terrorism. The ringmasters know that they are complicit in this systematic crime of international terrorism. Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump puts some very familiar faces in the jail for these crimes against the humanity and against the entire human race in general and particularly against righteous Muslims and real Holy Islam.

Think about it for second, what Donald Trump is committing to do isn’t it the deepest desire of every righteous American Muslim? Isn’t it what every decent and peace loving American wants? Isn’t it what every honorable person on earth would want?
Only your vote can empower Trump to get to the bottom of the terrorism and fix it!

Terrorism could be anybody’s vicious scheme but most certainly it is NOT Donald Trump’s brainchild. Just because of the fact that most certainly Donald Trump is NOT one of the beneficiaries of this ongoing international terrorism.

Of course choice is yours

CANDIDATE OF joe biden news dealers and newsstands muslims for trump


 Why is it imperative for our national and international peace, security and economy that all Americans especially all Muslim Americans, must vote for Donald Trump

Too ambitious?
Maybe so, but
the alternate is significantly disastrous
Recent history has proven so beyond any doubts

First thing first

Above and beyond ALL and ALL THE PREJUDICE
if you are a patriotic American then you must solemnly belief in“America First”
and you must take every step very responsibly to cast your vote.

Soul Searching
On one hand we have the person who did not do any considerable good in the past for our economy, national security and for world peace and on the other hand we have a new comer, who is not a professional politician and have not caused any damage to our country. Is it really a hard to pick one out of the two? Let your soul and heart guide you, may be only in the of all the innocent blood that is still fresh on hands of all voted for all these recent wars on totally false pretense.

If you are reasonably satisfied (which you can’t be) by the performance of recent American presidents (Democrat or Republican) THEN GO RIGHT AHEAD AND VOTE FOR HER, she is a 100% product of the same political system as all of her predecessors. Then rest assured that at best you will get what you have been getting for a long time now, the continued overall national decline and more animosity towards us and our lovely country.

However if you are a conscious person with alive soul and heart, fearless and fair, intelligent and informed, divinely blessed and faithful then invest a little time and please read to the end. Insha’Allah (God Willing) at the end of your reading you will have a better idea how you must vote.